Apr 15, 2010

B is for date

B is for breakfast, bison sculptures BOT's  (balls of twine, i.e. small town attractions),   and dates. Philoboy and I are doing dates by the alphabet. He had A, I have B, he has C, etc. His A date was A-mazing: A for amore (took place over Valentine's weekend), A for artillery (WW I museum), and A for acoustic (N'goni Ba). He's going to have to  really work to top that one. My attempt at B was not quite as spectacular, but still fun. We visited the Osage Mission Museum, on the location of the historic Osage Mission Indian School. Definitely a BOT site.        The bison was an added bonus.

Speaking of bonus- bonus points to the reader who can identify this item. Hint- it doesn't start with B.  And it was on the teacher's desk....

We ended the day in Boats, not because boat starts with B, but because I am under doctor's orders to get more Vitamin D.  I swear, I'm not making this up.  He said I should get daily doses.  He might have said over-the-counter, but I heard over-the-water. The benefits of taking my medicine included hearing a zillion meadowlarks and red-winged blackbirds, watching a pair of nesting mallards, and seeing a muskrat water ballet. That medicine is easy to swallow!

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