Jul 1, 2010

Kill'n and Cook'n Tour 2010

I've been asked for more information on our whiffle ball on the water ball game, which I'll be glad to share- as soon as I catch my breath... or get oxygen...

Philoboy, his Uncle Rick, and I are in Rocky Mountain National Park-one of the most beautiful of our national parks- and judging from the crowds- one of the most used and enjoyed!

This is one of the most user friendly national parks (or hiking spot of any kind, for that matter) that I've ever seen.  Free shuttles will take you to several of the trail heads, and even from the campground into the town of Estes Park if you need a restaurant with elk burgers and a library with internet.

The farther you get from shuttle accessible trailheads and the better known areas such as Bear Lake and Glacier Girge, the less people you see. These two areas have fairly easy walking and of course, beautiful scenery.  We're still tying to find an ugly place in the park. 

Hmmm, Mount Sunflower in Kansas didn't look like this. Our roamings are taking us from 9400 feet up to 11,000 feet. Rules for the Rockies:
  • Give yourself a day to aclimate to the elevation.  Especially if you're from the plains.
  • Fluids!  Repeat after me:  Gatorade is good, and water is yummy.  Drinking lots of fluids helps my head and my tummy!
  • Never shun a walking stick if someone offers it to you.  There's a whole lot of UP in this place!

We didn't reserve a camp site ahead of time, and we were lucky to get one at all!  We were fortunate to get a spot the first nite, and then moved to a new location the following day, where we have been ever since! If you are planning on camping in any of the campgrounds in RMNP, I recommend reservations! You can get more information if you are interested in hiking way up high.

And you meet the most wonderful people out hiking!  You really must take the time to look at the scenery, but also to stop and visit with people.  That's where all the good stories are. This group-siblings and their families- was from Minnesota.  My curiosity nearly pushed me over the edge, so I had to ask about their shirts.

When in faraway cold, icy Minnesota, planning the trip to the mountaintops- they were trying to figure out the most economical way to travel.  The final decision- pick up roadkill and cook it!  They were kidding, of course, but I loved their slogan so much I had to plagarize it for the title of this blog post! They kindly invited me to join them for possum stew and squirrel jerky, but unfortunately I had to decline. They were having such a good time it made me smile almost as much as seeing their shirts.

The florescent yellow- it speaks to my inner safety officer.  Makes people so much easier to find when they fall off the mountain!  See- you can see them  waaaaay up there!

I'm pretty sure that I am a nicer person when I wake up to views like this:

                            And have breakfast here:


                                     And lunch is served here:

                       And I'm hanging out with guy:

                   And my night light looks like this:

And a note to our three spawn- no hurry, don't let me rush you- but the minute all of you are grown up and moved out- we are moving to Colorado. You may come visit frequently.

     Happy Trails and may your adventures take your breath away!


Anonymous said...

could you share more info on park admissions and fees? thanks!

Mother Nature said...

Sure! You may find a lot of what you need on the links provided in this blog also. Camping was $20 per night, and the Park fee was $20per vehicle, good for seven days. There is no charge to use the shuttle or to park at trailheads.