Dec 23, 2010

My little Elves

Earlier this month I showed you the progression of my children photographed through the years with the wooden sleigh I made, a sort of history by sleigh. They didn't escape that fate this year, either.

Mother!  Really?!  Aren't we getting a little old for this?

Nope, my darlings you're not. You will only be excused from sleigh duty when and if you produce grandchildren small enough to go in the sleigh.

No, small dogs do not count.  He's a grand little dog, but he is not my granddog. Although I do like babysitting him better than most children I know.

And by the way, I forgive you for growing up, since you have grown into a fabulous, beautiful young woman and an adorable, fun teenager.

And if you promise to come feed me broth when I lose all my teeth, not to mention my mind, I won't show all the really bad photos of you, like the naked baby pictures. But then again, if I lose my faculties, I won't remember having made this promise, so I can't be held responsible for your baby behinds showing up.  Hee hee hee haa ha


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Your girls are gorgeous, and I love the mischievous smiles they both have going on in that first photo!

Anonymous said...

Wow- Traci you're getting old!!! LOLOLOL