Jan 22, 2011

Infinity birthday

Beware. We've been partying for two days now and it ain't over yet. There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures. Pictures guaranteed to embarrass children when they are seniors in high school. Pictures that could earn me a comfortable retirement in blackmail money.

Stage One was a scavenger hunt at the mall. This was incredibly funny. Total strangers got into the spirit of the game and tried to help the teams locate their scavenger items. This was the hilarious part.

Stage Two was the indoor pool at the local hotel. This was the wet and wild part.

There was dunking. And splashing. And water guns. More dunking. More splashing.

Occasionally there was floating.

There were even daring water rescues. Or was that a prelude to a dunking?  Not sure.

One thing it was NOT- ever- was quiet. I'm pretty sure the ringing in my ears will never go away. Eventually, the non-stop motion and tintinnabulation started to feel like this to me:

It was making me dizzy. Time to move to Stage Three. Pizza. This was the "I can't believe you can eat that much" part.

And pop. Product placement unintentional!

And more pizza. Until you would think they would pop. I had one piece. (That second little sliver wasn't really big enough to call a whole piece.)

Then back for more splashing and dunking. I'm cringing in the corner with my camera, looking for a splash free zone. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Embarrassing my kids is my favorite thing to do!!!

Jeff said...

The pizza looks good!