Mar 17, 2011

Clean and Green

"Take a bath", she says. "We're having company", she says.

"Wash under your wings", she says.

I'm a grown bird. I'm perfectly capable of deciding when I need a bath. What do the neighbors care if I bathe? They're flamingos, they smell like shrimp. Who could possibly smell 'keet over the stench of shrimp?!?!

HEY!  What are you lookin' at?!?!

"Mabel! Don't let him catch you watching him! Can you believe he fell for that old 'we're having company' trick again?  Squawk!  I'll see you girls at the Nectaraunt at 6!"


Anna said...

Bathing beauties!!!!

Jeff said...

Is he henpecked or what?