Jul 7, 2011

Post-Fourth Post

I'm a little behind in posts. Correction, I'm a LOT behind. And behind in moving, cleaning, traveling, adventuring, writing, you name it. I feel like that big whitetail buck running down the highway and got clipped by the mirror on a big white truck. I'm about to lose my rack.

Perhaps this is best discussed another time.

I love the Fourth of July. It's a low-stress holiday. There's a lot of food, but the emphasis is not on the food. There's no gift-giving involved. There's fireworks, but the work in that word doesn't fall to me. I get to sit back on my blanket, look out over the pond and enjoy the show.

There's consistency in this holiday. I can count on the same things happening at this gathering every year. I like certainty in my life.

The little kids beat up the big kids.

The big kids pick on the little kids.

There's football.

There is serious game playing. Must be huge stakes- one guy lost his shirt.

And tree climbing.

And fun decorated food. Yum. I only ate 4.

And babies. This year we had babies at the party.

Babies to pass around.

Babies to give slobbery baby kisses to grandma.  Awwww.  This made me melt even more than the heat did.

         Happy Trails, and may all your adventures end with a bang!


Anonymous said...

'bout time! We missed you!

Jeff said...

Like the new header pic!

flock of jayhawks said...

Love it! And mom loves the fact that you got that last pic. She says they are not as slobbery as they use to be.

Anonymous said...

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