Dec 9, 2011

Time Warp sleigh

I have finally dug through enough tubs in the attic to begin finding old photos. You remember photos from film?  Kinda crinkly?  Tend to fade?  Not on the computer so you can't photoshop Aunt Grace's booze bottle into a rolling pin? All the dirty little secrets of family history preserved until age fades them and you can re-write history...

No booze here, only a baby. A baby who is now a busy corporate executive. A baby who objects when I treat her like a baby. I don't care- she will always be my baby, even when she's all wrinkly and saggy. I can hear her gagging from here.

One cold winter's eve, a thousand years ago, when I apparently didn't have enough to do, I made a wooden sleigh from plywood. And painted it. I'd pay a lot of candy canes to have that much free time now.

And the sleigh sat by the fireplace filled with presents, until.....

The next year it was filled with a baby! A four-month old baby who looks like she's been hitting the eggnog pretty hard.

The next year the baby was big enough to kiss the reindeer. Or maybe she's about to bite his nose off, I'm not sure which.

Apparently I still had some free time-enough to make a reindeer. I need to find that time and creative ability. I think the Grinch stole it.

The next year the baby was almost as big as the sleigh, and the momma took the picture and then hid behind the Christmas tree and boo-hoo'd because her baby was a little girl and not a baby anymore.

Brace yourself, there's several more tubs of photos to go through and another child that appears in the pictures. You have nothing else to do till Christmas, right?

Happy Trails, and holly jolly holidays!


Jana said...

What a cutie!! And that hair!!!

Stevie said...

Boozing at a young age....that explains the wine + carpet equation!

She turned out even more adorable than these pictures! I am sure she is just too busy to have her picture taken now, the corporate executive she is and all.