Jan 10, 2012

Sleep well

That blog title above should really read:  sleep?  welll...   For some reason, I think I sleep better by moonlight, under the stars, out in the open, and/or far away from work and stress.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?  I also think I sleep better with a comfy sleeping pad, but like a lot of people, I have a tendency to fall off my pad sometimes (this is not to be confused with being off my rocker).

I found a great tip in Backpacker magazine this week- check it out at cool tips.

The week of new and news continues. I learned a dear friend is moving away to the Buckeye state BOOOOO- I might have said in a moment of weakness that I've always wanted to see Ohio.  It has a team called OU, I think, but it's not the right team.

And our outdoor awareness program G.O.N.E. (Get Outside Now and Everyday) is about to get a lot bigger and noiser than just the outdoor activities for women. Now we'll be taking kids into the outdoors for a variety of experiences. It also means I'll be taking donations of gently used sleeping bags and filling my attic!!

                     Happy Trails and sweet dreams of adventure!

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Jeff said...

Does that mean you'll be even farther GONE that you are now?!?!?!