Mar 29, 2012

Camp clean

If you're like me, you're chomping, chafing, and frothing at the mouth to get out and start camping. I've packed and re-packed my backpack and the car camping gear about seven times in the last two weeks. I've been in the shop so much lately- which also houses Philoboy's office- that he's asked me to have my people call his people and make an appointment.

I told him his people were the ones who cook his dinner and wash his socks, that my people were all really busy right now, and if he didn't want his new crappie jigs to disappear he might want to give up the office for a little bit. I'm a good negotiator like that.

Cleaning and organizing make me really happy, especially if it's organizing camping gear. You'll like these tips on cleaning your gear.

Mostly if I want my gear -tent and sleeping bags specifically- to not smell funky, I don't let Philo or Philoboy Action Figure sleep there. At least, not until we've been in the woods for at least four days and all the funky odors from everyone have started to meld. When  you see leaves wilting as you walk by you know the melding is complete.

Speaking of leaves- the radishes in my garden now look like this. Random segue, I know. Funny like that, I am.

I'm going to go arrange the backpacking food alphabetically in the pantry now. Or maybe by food group.  Or maybe by meals. Help. Someone get me on the trail quick before I start re-stringing all the shoelaces.


Anonymous said...

The thought of wilting leaves makes me laugh...

Jeff said...

I can't believe you've gone this long without hiking without going insane