Jun 24, 2012

Muggin' for the camera

My friend Lisa had a great idea recently- mug shots. No, this is not share-your-criminal-history kind of mug shots. This is a picture of your coffe mug, taken wherever you are, and shared with your fellow coffee lovers. I've taken the liberty of stealing Lisa's idea (please, don't strain your brain on that whole theft being a freedom thing, it won't be worth your time) and expanding on it for my own amusement. I've started a collection of my own mug shots. This was my first mug shot:

What can you tell from this picture?  That it wasn't yet summer and 104 degrees at 9 a.m., because I'm wearing long pants?  That I like really big coffee mugs so I can say I only had two cups of coffee this morning, which in fact constituted the entire pot?  That I really need to some maintenance on my nails? Yes, all of those.

The point of this project:
  • Acknowledge that you have a caffeine addiction and come to terms with it, i.e., embrace the addiction. 
  • As part of embracing your addiction share it with the world. Cyber Land is a great way to broadcast all your flaws.
  • More importantly, embrace your life.
  • Appreciate the moment.
  • Appreciate where you are.
  • Appreciate that someone, somewhere, is busy harvesting fair-trade coffee beans.
  • Find peace and contentment in the length of time it takes to sip a mug of mocha bold roast.
I appreciate that the project allows me to create a bulleted list.

So whether it's in the hammock, or by your garden, or in the midst of your seven gigling toddlers, raise your mug to life, because it's all good.

            Happy Trails, and may you always sip from the cup of adventure!


Anna said...

What a fun idea!

KW said...

And I immediately focused on what the mug said about putting this in the blog. HA!