Sep 8, 2015

What's new with Gnu?!

It's not a profound thought to say that life moves on, and changes, and changes us.  If you've followed my blog before, you'll notice a few changes here as well.  A change in the cast of characters, maybe a little change in the flavor of posts. 

What hasn't changed is my love of the outdoors, my quest for adventure, and my delight in having my loved ones partake in both of those things with me. 

Speaking of loved ones- the last loved one living in my house is trying desperately to flap her wings and fly the coop- might have mixed some metaphors there...

Senior year has started for The Whee.  There is nothing more fun/sad, exhilarating/depressing, make you feel old/young than having that last lil chickie ready to leave the nest. 

She can't go- Ain't happening. Just between you and me, every time she fills out a college application, I use it for nesting material in the chicken coop.  She's starting to wonder why she's not getting any mail...

So my friends, what's new with you? What changes have taken place in your life, and how are you coping with them?  I look forward to hearing from you again!