Oct 26, 2010

Peaceful interventions

Getting away from humanity and out on the trail is good for my sanity, which in turn is good for anyone who has to be around me. Finding a space with limited human contact soothes my soul.

I spent one day on the trail this past week by myself, and two days with Philoboy and PAF. That's pretty much like not being around other humans.

I can only go as fast as I can walk, or as fast as I can stroll while taking pictures. It forces me to slow down, to look closely, to examine, compare, and perceive how to interact with my environment. I have to make important decisions, such as do I take the picture with the sun behind the leaves, or looking up through the leaves?

I can find vistas open to the way-far-beyond, which creates fertile ground for my imagination, gives me plenty of room to fling my worries away, and restores my balance point of realizing I am only a speck in the universe, and all us specks are just floatin' through space as best we can.

Once I've had some breathing room, I can go back to the dustcloud made up of other specks of humanity, and better tolerate the constant bumping up against one another. Reliving those moments of hiking and camping help maintain my peace of mind in the suffocation we call society. Till it's time to hit the trail again.


Jeff said...

LOL- I know some people I'd like to send out on the trail, then!

Tyson said...


Dryna said...

These turned out so good!!
PS I wish I had a scone :( lol